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same day appointments are available based on location. 

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We accept Health Savings Accounts for your health care services with a Visa/MC logo.
Laboratory services in our Lacey branch are able to be
billed directly to your insurance company.


Order all your supplements/vitamins on line and shipped directly to you!

Lacey days for appointments:
Tuesday -  Saturday 

Vancouver days for appointments: 
Monday- Wednesday

Hours vary by location, appointment scheduling is available:
Monday-Saturday for both locations at 360-915-8847,
online or through our contact us page on our site. 

We offer a full line of physician grade supplements, for our patients needs along with in-clinic lab services, micro-nutrient testing, weight-management, hormonal imbalances, fertility, heart disease, pediatrics, and family care. 

 Each physician is well versed in providing outstanding health care for our patients at South Sound Alternative Medicine.  
The Eastern doctrine of medicine follows the idea that doctors must be educators, as well as physicians, and to provide parents, our youth, and our communities with valuable knowledge.

 Our team works together to help patients understand proper nutrition along with taking the time to teach active exercise plans to enhance the quality of life.


A Naturopathic physician works to prevent illness through
proactive medicine; this reduces patient cost, pain, and ultimately saves lives. 
Our Naturopath physicians craft comprehensive treatment plans that blend the best of modern medical science and traditional natural medical approaches feeds into the holistic principle to not only treat disease, but to also restore health. 

We understand each individual has a unique physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social, sexual and spiritual makeup, and that these factors all have impact on our health. We work together on ways to help you relax the body and mind, and to help you with ways to nurture your complete system both physically and emotionally. 

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